Abortionists Not at All Like Mengele and Death Camp Doctors

A few weeks ago, I said to a friend, ‘Kevin, don’t you think that Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion clinic doctor serving three life terms for killing babies that survived abortion, and other abortionists compare to Mengele and death camp doctors?’ He called me a fool, simplistic in my reasoning, and illogical.

He said for one, ‘Mengele and the death camp doctors provided valuable scientific data on head injuries, hypothermia, drowning, organ transplants, etc. They provided much of what we know about hypothermia today. Most people define their methods as cruel, inhuman, and sadistic, but they wrote and kept excellent reports. Abortionists just kill babies, and they make no scientific contribution.’

He added, ‘Mengele and the death camp doctors behaved consistent to their objectives and made it clear that they intended to support the wiping out of a race and anyone they considered inferior. They believed they possessed a high moral calling to make the state better and to raise it to the next level. Although perverted and evil, they believed their actions made the world better. They took an oath of loyalty to Der Fuehrer. Abortionists disregard their hypocritic oath and kill for money. No honor in that, even distorted honor, just base filthy greed.’

He said, ‘Mengele and the others intended to make the state better, making it more fit and stronger. They would have been appalled by abortionists who kill healthy babies and undermine the future of the state.’

He said that the public also treats them differently. ‘Public outrage followed Mengele and death camp doctors after the war. Governments hunted and prosecuted them. In contrast, abortionists go about their work quietly without much interference. They receive government money and encouragement.’

Abortionists Not at All Like Mengele and the Death Camp Doctors, They’re Worse

He finished by saying, ‘although abortionists make far fewer contributions to society, have baser motives, have no honor, and undermine the nations future, you can’t help but wonder if Der Fuehrer wouldn’t have been amazed by the efficiency of their work, removing more than four times the number of human beings from the planet than he did. So abortionists are not at all like Mengele and the death camp doctors, they’re worse. Much worse.’

Thanks, I said, I never looked at it that way before.

Sanger’s Nazi Connection

Originally Published April 9, 2013

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