Ask, Seek, Knock – Matthew 7:7-12

Ask, Seek, Knock

Ask, Seek, Knock must be viewed in context of seeking the kingdom first. Then God provides understanding of true needs. Read chapter six again. Ask, seek, knock, and he will give me what I need for the day whether that be material, physical, spiritual, or intellectual. At this point in my study, if I ask, seek, knock, I have made a decision that he is my only God, that I trust in him and not in money, that I will not worry, that I will seek the kingdom first. Assuming I have embraced this, then he further reassures me that he will provide what I need. He wants me to ask. He wants me to trust. Sometimes I might not ask for what is best, or I might ask for something short of what he wants to give, a critical lesson.

He will not give me more than I need unless he intends for me to pass it on or to teach me something. He will not give me something that will hurt my eternal relationship with him. In the short term, abundance and the corresponding loss of it might be given to me to test and reveal my pride and a superficial dependence on him.

As Jesus lived homeless during his ministry, put Judas in charge of the money, and consistently warns about the dangers of wealth, I should probably avoid asking for more than I need. He might decide to make me wealthy, so he can say to me, ‘see, didn’t I tell you about this? Did you listen? Are you ready to listen now?’ So I will ask, seek, knock trusting that he will not give me a stone or a snake. He knows how to give me good gifts.

Is Superficial What I Seek?

What follower wants the superficial friends, superficial spouse, and superficial relationships that are likely to be attracted by great wealth? Or the isolation that can occur with the pride of great knowledge or wisdom. Solomon was given great wisdom because he had a nation to rule, but even he ultimately abused the abundance he was given. If I am really stubborn and prideful and keep pestering God for wealth, he might give me all these things so that I can experience their emptiness and then turn to him.

I will ask, seek, knock for a real relationship with him, deep relationships with others, my physical and material needs, the wisdom I need to teach and serve, and what I need to serve others. He knows me, he will give me what is best. But I should not expect answers to my prayers if I refuse to believe and trust him, refuse to forgive, continue to judge others, or continue to hold onto a particular sin.

If I ask, seek, knock, and there is no answer, I must be patient and return to the earlier passages to see what I am missing. If I am blind to my sin, I should ask for it to be revealed. This is a prayer he always answers. When I see it, confess it, and turn to him, then I can ask, seek, knock with confidence.

Read Matthew 7:7-12

  1. How much is what I want disconnected from what I need?
  2. If I were to remove myself from the messages of my social group, culture, neighbors, church, and friends about what is needed, how would this change my definition of what I need?
  3. How is the promise of Jesus to fulfill ask, seek, knock with wisdom and love true and consistent across all cultures?
  4. Ask, seek, knock applies to sustaining prayers (needs today) and prayers of deliverance (prayers about a future event or change). How can I better integrate sustaining prayer into my prayers for deliverance?
  5. If I believe Jesus loves me, would he ever answer prayer that is about fulfilling needs based on vanity, pride, or power?
  6. How is it possible to have too much knowledge and wisdom and yet not quite enough to know how to use it?

Passage for Meditation

For everyone who asks receives, the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Matthew 7:8

Father I trust in you. You are my only God. Give me what I need to fulfill today’s purpose in the circumstance you have placed me. Help me to pay attention to where I am. How can I best  serve here and now? Provide for my needs today. Give me the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding I need to serve you and others here and now. Reveal to me where I may be prideful. Help me to depend upon you and trust you. I believe that if I ask, seek, knock, you will answer.

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