Blog’s Purpose? For what and why?

Originally I started this blog to make it an ongoing way to connect with the readers of the book: Food in God’s Place. That was my original blog’s purpose. As I like to write about more topics, the scope of my blog’s purpose changed. Outside of a few specific posts, the posts on the Study of Matthew received the most annual traffic. As my Bible study is now driven more by the lectionary of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (BCP), I contemplated pulling my posts from those studies.

The problem with that becoming my blog’s purpose is that it potentially creates 14 posts per week. Morning and evening prayers include a Psalm, an Old Testament reading, and a New Testament reading. This is far too much for me to write and more than any of you will want to read. The lectionary follows the Christian calendar, and usually a theme weaves through the readings. Unfortunately, I’m not always clever enough to discover the thread. I cannot predict the arrival of the “Ah Hah” moment. Sometimes things come to me weeks later from these studies, so it doesn’t make for a good blog foundation. I recommend the lectionary as it enables reading the Old Testament once per years and the New Testament twice.

Although I have returned to the King James Version for personal study, I will post verses using the Net Bible when they are the main text rather than linking to them as in the past. By using the Net Bible, I stay away from Zondervan’s somewhat onerous usage rules for using the versions they publish. Please use the translation of your choice and try out the KJV now and then. If you are using a paraphrase Bible and have been a Christian for a while, I recommend graduating to a good translation

You can obtain it here: Lectionary 1945

Personal Insights

Some of the best insights I obtain come from these personal readings, so I will definitely share these insights as they are given to me. These will just need to to become additional posts, because A blog’s purpose needs to be an ongoing conversation. I also want to continue to use this blog in my personal discipling efforts.

I think I will probably return to a study of the Book of Matthew and then choose to move onto to John from there, but I’m still thinking and praying about it. You are welcome to send me suggestions.

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