Christian Nutrition

Christian Nutrition

As Anna begins to practice fasting, she also learns to make better choices about nutrition. She leans that food is fuel. And to use the best food, best nutrition for her body.

 Christian Nutrition and Fasting

From Chapter 5

“Fasting is a tool for insight, a way to further understand your dependence upon me. This practice can help you understand how you make choices and help you make better choices. It sharpens your awareness of your need for me and your dependence upon me. By making choices while depending on me, you live in the present and become an effective witness for me.”

“After fasting, I’ve changed how I think about food. Before I was a snob about my cooking and taste in restaurants. My expectations are simpler now. I’m more concerned about making healthy choices. I didn’t realize that I had allowed pride to exist around food in my life. I didn’t realize that I was giving food greater priority than time with you. I now see how irrelevant food is compared to the nourishment that I need from you.”

“It is important to move toward an attitude of food as fuel and disconnect it from other needs and emotions. Enjoy the simple pleasures of food as it fulfills its true need. Be careful not to turn “healthy choices” into laws. Remember you are free. Making better choices is for your benefit. Do not make laws so you can compare yourself with someone who makes a poor choice and then think you are better because you kept your law.”

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