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Randall Burgess works as a consultant and writer in the field of anti-counterfeiting and product security. About twelve years ago, he discovered fasting to be an excellent practice and tool to aid his prayers and to help him develop a more Jesus dependent attitude. Ultimately fasting led him to seek a more liturgical worship and a worship which emphasizes the Eucharist. He now worships at St. Michael the Archangel Anglican Church, an APA church, in Charlotte, NC.

Most books or articles on the subject he felt did not adequately emphasize the purpose of fasting or were overly devoted to the mechanics or history of fasting. He wanted to find a way he could share the benefits of the practice without writing in the standard ‘how to’ format. He wrote ‘Food in God’s Place’ as a dialogue between a young woman and Jesus.

The dialogue format is a very old methodology going back to some of the early Greek teachers like Plato. Recently, Ravi Zacharias also used a dialogue between Buddha and Jesus in an excellent book, ‘The Lotus and the Cross.’

Randall Burgess uses the liturgy from the 1928 BCP for his daily Bible reading guide. A short form is posted twice daily on the blog, he also reads the daily reading from Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for his Highest.


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