Food in God’s Place

Fasting and Prayer Leads to an Intimate Daily Walk With Jesus

With Prayer and Fasting, Prayer Becomes Like Breathing

Read Food in God’s Place to Make This Your Experience

 Experience Relationship Instead of Religion

Download Food in God's Place!

Download Food in God’s Place!

Fasting, what benefit is it? Food was associated with the fall, rebellion on the part of the Israelites, and is named as one of the things that we are specifically not supposed to worry about. It is the metaphorical first material expression of the needs of the self. Food in God’s Place is about using prayer and fasting to get stuff and ideas out of your life that block your relationship with God whether that be food, money, things, relationships, ideas, or just simply a preoccupation with your own needs. Food in God’s Place is about using prayer and fasting to gain an understanding of how much you need God everywhere all the time. What gets between you and God? Food in God’s Place is a story about Anna and her talk with Christ where she learns to use prayer and fasting to lean on him and not on her self. She learns that what she needs is her relationship with Christ not religion. Experience the difference between relationship and religion by reading Food in God’s Place.

In a series of seven fictional dream dialogues, Anna learns to use prayer and fasting to learn to depend more on Jesus, to forgive more like him, to have closer relationships, to restore integrity where it has broken down, and to live with greater peace, meaning, and purpose. Read the book and learn how she does it and see how you can do it as well.

In each of the seven chapters she puts what she has learned into practice at work and in her relationships. She struggles against the ridicule of her worldly success oriented minister brother who thinks fasting is dumb, and she struggles to overcome her attitudes and judgments about him hoping to ultimately influence him to become more like Christ and to encourage him to try fasting as a spiritual discipline as well. She shares the practice of fasting with her friends and they plan to make prayer and fasting a part of their small group. Anna also learns how to prevent fasting from becoming an empty or legalistic practice. Learn how to do this when you read the book.

Most importantly the book shows the value and importance of a side by side, living relationship with Jesus Christ and how prayer can become like breathing. Make this a reality in your walk. Read Food In God’s Place and learn how.

Anna learns that with Jesus in her boat, she does not have to be afraid of the waves of life. Read the book to gain insight into how you can depend on Jesus to overcome the waves of your life. Each chapter begins with relevant Bible verses and ends with devotional questions and a prayer.

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