Forgive in Advance

This section about “forgive in advance” is from Chapter 3: Forgive of Food in God’s Place. (Currently out of publication. If you would like notification of when it will be republished, follow on Twitter and let me know.)

“As you grow, I want you to embrace a way of thinking about yourself and others that enables you to jump over and go beyond much of what we have been talking about. Forgive in advance. If you forgive in advance, you need less analysis, reflection, and prayer. As a result you continue to grow and walk with me more easily without distraction.”

“ Forgive in advance?”

“When did I forgive you?”

The simplicity and truth dawned on her. She smiled widely. “On the cross!”

“Asking for forgiveness and confessing your sins reminds you to keep steering your life toward me, to keep striving toward the best, to stay out of the way, and let the Spirit transform you, but I already forgave you. It is important to recognize when you stumble, but you must also keep it in perspective.”

“So I can forgive in advance too because you have already forgiven.”

Test it Out

“Exactly, try telling someone sometime: ‘ I forgive you in advance. I know that you’re going to disappoint me or hurt me or even break my trust some day. I forgive you in advance.’ Try it and see what happens.”

“It’s like stating unconditional love or loving first. And I can see how it breaks down so many of the rules I make up in my relationships. All I need to do is love first and forgive in advance.”

“If you drop the rules, conditions, and judgmental thinking, you see spiritually more clearly. Ask me to help you see. I will protect you from people who seek to harm you and will guide you to the people you can help and who can help you.”

“If I approach people with a check list, it prevents me from showing you to that person or seeing that person as you do. A mental check list also gives a clever manipulative person with bad purposes a way to manipulate me.”

“Some people who are completely sold out to the enemy have developed very refined tools of observation and can sense what they have to do and say to get you to trust them.”

Anna chuckled, “Kind of like vampires.”

The Aroma of Death

“Yes, mythically vampires represent the person completely devoted to self, what you also call a narcissist, a very good comparison. By loving first and forgiving in advance you defeat evil. You will sense the professional taker, the person who worships self, the hater and avoider of God. When you love first without fear trusting in me, you can sense them quickly and avoid them, but often they will avoid you before you even see them because as a completely loving and aware person to them you will carry the aroma of death.”

Originally published March 19, 2013

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