Just a Pause



Where do dogs go when they lay down and die?

When paws become limp and life runs from each eye;

When whimpers run out and each tail comes to rest,

While most masters bawl as they stroke at their chest;

Where do dogs go after saying goodbye?


Where do cats go when their tails have no play?

When purrs have all silenced and meows have no say;

When paws stretch or droop as their bodies seize death,

While owners cry tears on their chests with no breath;

Where do cats go when their lives pass away?


I believe in that moment, God stretches His hand,

And brings them all home to a beautiful land;

Where each is restored and is young every day,

With joy in their hearts as they run and they play –

Where they frolic in fields or they walk in the sand.


I believe God will keep them and let them abide,

As they all wait the day that we rise to His side;

When we hug our Lord Jesus and families we love,

While we sing hymns of praise to our Father above –

Where the smiles are eternal and the tears have all dried.


And as we walk on God will let His gifts pour,

As we see our dogs run with our cats from the shore;

They will all come right to us as they bark, purr, and greet,

While each takes their turn licking our hands and our feet;

It’s a place in our future that we all have in store.


By Paul Ray


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