Praise for Food in God’s Place

Food in God’s Place is out of publication for now.

Praise for Food in God’s Place

My husband and I live in the Colorado Rockies surrounded by fourteen thousand plus foot peaks. Sometimes, we even attempt to climb these peaks, and I am reminded how alike climbing mountains can be to walking the Christian walk.

In this book, Food in Gods Place, Randall Burgess takes on some of the spiritual mountains most of us experience in life.  On subjects of faith and trust, forgiveness, addictions, connecting, suffering and others, we are offered discernment, wisdom and Biblical solutions for managing the climb and successfully mastering the mountains.  Always, he reminds us that Jesus is our constant companion.

Experienced through the eyes of Anna, a thirty-five year old single woman struggling with a food addiction, and other challenges in her relationships with family, co-workers and Jesus, we are invited into her dreams.  Here, she meets with Jesus to discuss her life and her purpose.  There are profound spiritual lessons in ‘Food in God’s Place’ as Anna begins trusting Jesus’ leadership and applying His solutions to her life.  Her reward is a deeper relationship with Christ and all the benefits that encompasses.

This book is an enjoyable read and a   challenge to face our own “mountains” and master them with Jesus as companion.

Sharon Savage Ward

Christianity Today (retired)


Our nation and indeed our world has a dysfunctional relationship with food.  Half the world is stuffed and half the world is starved. In Food in God’s place” Randall Burgess speaks to a poorly nourished world with a new perspective. Namely that the old school discipline of fasting should become new school to more of us.   Our culture, like many before us, has issues with putting other stuff or things in God’s place and then wondering how and why we feel so empty.  Perhaps “Sports in God’s Place” or “Money in God’s place” will be his sequels…but by choosing food, he selected the very best place to start.  With other things we metaphorically “fill” ourselves with the wrong stuff.  With food, we literally do it. Randall’s book can help us pause and reflect and fill ourselves with something truly nourishing.  We could all use that.

Mark Moore, Founder and CEO, MANA Nutrtion



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