Pray and Fast for Syrian Christians

Pray and fast for Syrian Christians. According to The Voice of the Martyrs, “Christians in Syria are fleeing en masse from threats, kidnappings, rapes and murders. …hundreds are crossing the border into Turkey and Lebanon daily. Sadly, these panic-stricken refugees have faced horrific circumstances and ongoing threats.

A Government that Failed to Protect Them

Some point to a government that failed to protect them; others to the Islamist rebels who drove them out. One woman explained that Muslims shot her husband and son. “Our only crime is being Christians,” she said.”

The international holiday calendar designates tomorrow, May 11, as an international day of prayer and fasting. Join me and others as we pray and fast for Syrian Christians tomorrow. During a period of prayer and fasting, as I share in Food in God’s Place, the Holy Spirit teaches us that we need God more than we need air, food, or water.

Only Hope Found in God

Our brothers and sisters in Syria know that their only hope is to be found in God. Let us join in their suffering and dependency upon God. When we pray and fast, pray that God will enable them to remain as the last lights in a dark place.

Choosing a special individual or group to focus on is one of the things we can do when we select a day to pray and fast. There is no shortage of individuals and groups for which we can pray and fast. When we feel hungry, think about and imagine that what you are feeling is a hunger for God and his word. Think about the needs material, physical, spiritual, and intellectual of the people that we are prayer for and ask God to provide.  We can ask him to show us and teach us to depend on him.

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