Prayer Sacrifice

I did not consider the sacrifice aspect of prayer until recently. I’ve made numerous posts about prayer: Prayer: What is Your Concept of Prayer, Prayer II Believing is Seeing, What Do I Pray For? Prayer III, What Do I Pray For? Part 2 of Prayer III, What Do I Pray For? Part 3, How to Pray, Prayer IV, How Often Should I Pray? The Value of Persistence in Prayer, Prayer V, Answered Prayer: How to Get There, Listen to God, and Jesus What Do I Do? Praying to God because it pleases him and viewing it as a prayer sacrifice offers a new motive.

As God gives me all things, I know I can return to him gratitude, service, belief, and trust. Also, I can return prayer to him and that pleases him.

Revelation 8:4 tells me that prayers rise up to God like incense, a prayer sacrifice.

Psalm 141:2 tells me that my prayers are like incense and the lifting of my hands in prayer are like the evening sacrifice, a prayer sacrifice.

Acts 10:4 tells me that prayer and gifts to the poor come up to God as a memorial offering, a prayer sacrifice.

Finally, Hosea 14:2 tells me that I can offer my praise as a sacrifice.

I should talk to God all the time, not just when I need something or have someone in need. He likes to hear from me all the time as any loving father likes to hear from his children. Perhaps the best prayer sacrifice I can give: gratitude.

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