Remember Christ, A Poem by Paul Ray



Since storms will come and winds will blow

Since people die and conflicts grow

Since plans will fail and leaves turn brown

And friends will sometimes let you down

Remember who gives life and death

And loved us with his dying breath.


Since stocks will crash and chairmen lie

Since cancer kills and crime’s too high

Since greed lives on and gang wars kill

And marriages are failing still

Remember Christ with insults hurled

Who hung with thieves to save the world.


Since children starve and mothers grieve

Since soldiers hurt and teens conceive

Since some will cheat and some don’t care

And wars leave scars that all must bear

Remember Christ whose blood was shed

Who came to save us from the dead.


So don’t give up and don’t give in

Remember Christ who cleansed our sin

This world’s a sick and wretched place

So share God’s love and show God’s grace

Keep loving and forget the past

Since those in Christ are free at last.

                                                                                       By Paul Ray

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