The Heart of Plan B

The heart of plan B?

In Prayer II, Believing is Seeing, I wrote: ‘Those of us who are intensely analytical, like me, need to practice patience and persistence in prayer and avoid going to plan B before God has given us an answer. We need to wait for God’s answer. We need to make sure beliefs, thoughts, and actions align. If we pray it, me must believe it; if we believe it, we must think it; if we think it, we must act as if it is so. Don’t go to plan B in mind, heart, or spirit, unless God say’s ‘no.’’

This is difficult, and I spent much of the early part of the day struggling with something still in God’s queue. I wanted to move on to plan B. I was tired of waiting. It occurred to me that the reason I wanted to go to plan B was because I wanted to be in control, even if it meant settling for something less. Then I could say I was right all along, that plan B was best, and I could be proud of being right. There’s my pride showing up again.

So the cost of belief is pride. To get the answer, I must let go of my pride and my desire to be right. Okay, it’s yours God. I’ll wait.

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