Your Best Life Now? I Thought that Came Later

Your best life now depends more on the angle of your view rather than on your circumstances. Although anyone dealing with difficult circumstances, chronic disease, economic hardship, persecution, or difficult people agrees that it would be better if these circumstances would change, having your best life now is more about your inner life than your outward life. Perhaps Jesus wanted to teach us this by growing up in a modest home, starting out in a modest profession, and living homeless throughout his ministry.

Best Life Now Lost through Self Inflicted Wounds

We self-inflict some of our difficult circumstances with pride, disobedience, anger, sloth, lack of discipline, lack of love, and unkind behavior. Some comes upon us through no fault of our own. We can deal with the self inflicted immediately and over time by accepting the Lordship that Jesus places before us. If we accept his lordship, peace and joy will come. If we will have a long talk with Jesus, we can start down a more peaceful path much sooner than the 30 days an anti-depressant drug requires. I write this metaphorically. If we need anti-depressants because life has thrown our brain chemistry out of balance, then we should use them.

Difficult circumstances thrust upon us may take a little longer, but prayer is the first step toward accepting the circumstance or finding a way out of it. Prayer will help us understand and see the door out of the circumstance. And when we can see it, it will appear at the right time. If we remain impatient, we will remain blind.

Jesus, Paul, the apostles, and most significant followers since have demonstrated that ‘your best life now’ does not concern things, the best neighborhood, best schools, a great wife, a great family, power, or the bigger better deal. Your best life now means connecting with God and wanting relationship with him more than anything.

Now is the Worst We Will Know

We can only begin to understand this and grasp it with a great prayer life founded upon daily meditation upon Jesus, his word, his life, and his gifts. For the follower of Christ, this life represents the worst we will know. For the non-follower, this life represents the best they will know.

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